Water Supply Equipment with Constant Pressure and Frequency Conversion

Working Principle of Domestic Constant Pressure Frequency Conversion Water Supply Equipment
The system uses intelligent central processing unit to control the PID. The pressure controller in the outlet pipe network sampled the water pressure and transferred it to the PLC. The actual pressure signal of the pipeline network received by the PLC is compared with the pressure value set by the user. The output frequency of the frequency converter is controlled by the deviation value to change the output power of the motor. When the full-speed operation of a pump still fails to meet the user's set pressure, the frequency conversion pump will be switched to power frequency operation, and the frequency converter will start another pump softly and run at low frequency. If the actual pressure is greater than the set pressure, the power frequency pump will automatically stop, so as to achieve variable constant pressure water supply. If the water consumption is very small, stop all the initiatives, and the auxiliary pump and air pressure tank will work at a constant pressure.
Performance characteristics
1. Constant pressure. High quality frequency converter and microprocessor are used to dynamically adjust the system from time to time. Even when the water consumption changes dramatically during the peak period, the outlet pressure can remain stable. The control accuracy is as high as (+0.01 MPa).
2. Water quality is better. The stainless steel of food hygiene grade is usually used as indoor water tank to avoid the pollution of water quality caused by dust, leaves, small animal corpses and other debris in traditional roof pools.
3. Environmental protection and energy saving. Selecting high efficiency and light vertical multi-stage stainless steel water pump as pressurizing equipment can automatically increase or reduce the speed of water pump and control the number of pumps, which can save more than 30% energy.
4. High degree of automation and simple operation. After the initialization of the equipment, the unit runs automatically, and after the power cut and the power supply is restored, the unit starts to work automatically. The switch between working pump and standby pump can be handled automatically, and the sound and light alarm can be sent out in time when the fault occurs. The user can find out the cause of the fault intuitively and quickly through the panel display.
5. Complete control functions. If there are more than one pump unit, the starting mode adopts cyclic soft start, which reduces the impact and interference to the power grid when starting directly, and makes each unit work selectively according to the principle of "first start, first stop, first start", thus prolonging the life of the pump unit. Through the internal clock of the system, the function of timing switch can also be set for timing water supply (such as office area).
6. Reliable operation. The core components adopt internationally renowned brand accessories, which effectively reduces the failure rate of equipment. And when a pump fails to run, the system automatically shields the fault pump to start the standby pump.
7. Complete protection function. It has the protection functions of overload, over current, short circuit, phase absence, over voltage, under voltage and water shortage.
8. Easy installation. After installing the pool and the interface, the equipment can be operated after it is sent to the site to connect the intake pipe and fix the foot screw.
Application occasion
Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment is generally combined with the use of pools (water tanks). It is recommended that municipal water supply is insufficient or unstable or even there is no tap water supply for the following occasions.
1. Water for domestic use: such as high-rise buildings, residential districts, villas, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports, army, factory dormitories and other occasions for living and fire water supply
2. Cold and hot water system: such as hot and cold water pressurization system in schools, hotels, hotels, etc.
3. Irrigation spraying: water supply for parks, water parks, farms, orchards, etc.
4. Production and Construction: Supercharging Water Supply in Factory Production and Processing, Washing Device, Food and Beverage Processing, Construction Site, etc.
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