Quality policy:

Our goal is to manage scientifically, win by quality, improve continuously, treat customers sincerely and seek common development. Our products and services are always reflected in meeting the different needs of customers, designing, developing and manufacturing products in line with market trends, focusing on customers, providing timely and effective pre-sale, time-to-sale and after-sales services, and building loyal customer groups by enhancing customer satisfaction. Product quality is strictly controlled from production, inspection, sales, after-sales and other stages. Every employee is responsible for the quality of products, the interests of customers, and the success of the company.

Our aim is to build the quality of every pump with every employee's heart. Each pump uses quality to win the trust of every customer.

Program/test details:

Establish quality QC team, with 5-10 professional mechanical inspectors, periodically test and inspect from every stage of mechanical materials, production, packaging and sales.


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