Non-negative pressure stabilized water supply equipment

WG direct-connected non-negative pressure and pressure stabilization water supply equipment is a complete set of water supply equipment developed by our company's professional technicians on the basis of pneumatic water supply equipment, which can directly connect with the water supply network and has no negative effect on the water supply network. It can replace the reservoir and supply water directly or indirectly, forming a continuous and closed relay pressurized water supply mode.

N avoids the secondary waste of energy and secondary pollution caused by the secondary pressurized water supply system. The equipment produced by our company is different from the products of other manufacturers, because it solves the technical problems of automatic sampling control and so on. The diaphragm type negative pressure tank is adopted to completely ensure the isolation of water source and air. Municipal water quality standards have been absolutely maintained.

N Make full use of the pressure potential energy of municipal water source itself, how much difference, how much compensation, effectively and to a large extent, to play the energy-saving effect of frequency conversion speed regulation;

N greatly saves the capital investment and shortens the construction period.

N Product design has solved two major problems brought about by relay pressurized water supply.

1) The operation of pumps under large-scale off-design conditions. Full frequency conversion control system is designed. It can be better adapted to the operation of pumps in a wide range of operating conditions.

2) A variety of buffer tanks and water source tanks have been specially designed, which have a good cushioning and peak-cutting compensation effect on municipal water sources and avoid excessive suction of municipal water sources.

N Product design fully considers the flexibility of application and has strong adaptability, which can meet the differences of specific engineering application requirements of different users.

Working Conditions of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

N Installation Conditions: Concrete Platform with sufficient load-bearing capacity or flat ground to ensure normal operation requirements

N power supply: TN-S system, 3-phase 5-wire, 380V (+10%, -15%), 50Hz (+5%) and grounding resistance less than 4 Euros

N environment: indoor installation, no freezing at 0-40 C, no condensation, no corrosion, flammable and explosive gases below 90% RH

N below 1000m, 5.9m/s (0.6g)

Characteristics of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

1. No need to build high water tank, ground (underground) water tank - clean, sanitary, efficient, energy-saving, cost-saving

HDL-WG series direct-connected non-negative pressure water supply equipment is economical and hygienic, making full use of the pressure potential energy of municipal water source itself, and maximizing the energy-saving effect of frequency conversion speed regulation. Practice has proved that the use of direct-connected non-negative pressure water supply equipment can save more than 50% of the construction cost of the pool, compared with other water supply equipment, can save 20% - 40%.

2. Low operating noise

Frequency conversion speed regulation operation, especially full frequency conversion control system, is mostly in low speed and low noise operation at night.

3. It is more practical to adopt fully sealed diaphragm tank with cushioning and dynamic compensation function than the common non-negative pressure water supply equipment on the market at present. The control system is simplified.

4. Advanced products, reliable quality, high degree of standardization and good versatility

The standard and general control system technology scheme is adopted. The key components of the product, such as motor, pump bearing, frequency converter, regulator, PLC, and other components, adopt international and domestic famous brands. They can also be replaced by the corresponding components of any manufacturer, which makes debugging and maintenance convenient.

5. Full-featured, highly intelligent and self-adaptive

Advanced frequency conversion control technology, soft start, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase absence, overheating and stall protection are adopted. In abnormal circumstances, it can carry out signal alarm, self-inspection, fault judgment, etc. It can also automatically adjust the water supply flow according to the level of water consumption. In case of frequency converter failure, it will automatically degrade operation (become power frequency automatic water supply equipment). In case of automatic system failure, it can also manually operate emergency standby to win maintenance time.

6. Personalized Design and Long Life

If users need it, they can design equipment and installation forms that meet users'needs.

All kinds of communication interfaces and protocols can be selected according to the requirements, which can connect all kinds of man-machine interface, monitoring computer, control network and communication network. It is suitable for special and complex operation control and network monitoring requirements. It can develop supporting monitoring software for users.

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