FY series submerged chemical pump

Characteristics of FY Series Underwater Pumps

1. The pump is a vertical submerged pump with beautiful appearance. It is directly installed on the storage of the medium being transported without additional floor space, thus reducing the investment in capital construction.

2. The mechanical seal has been cancelled, which solves the trouble that other submerged pumps need to be repaired frequently because of the easy wear and tear of the mechanical seal, saves the operation cost of the pump and improves the working efficiency.

3. The unique dual-balanced impeller is used to transport clean media without solid particles, which has low vibration noise and high efficiency. The open double-balanced impeller is used to transport liquid with solid particles and short fibers, which runs smoothly and does not clog.

Model Significance of FY Series Underwater Pumps



Structural Diagram of FY Series Subliquid Pumps 

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