IHG/IHW stainless steel pipe centrifugal pump

I. Product Overview 
IHG/IHW vertical/horizon single-stage single-suction chemical pump is a new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly vertical centrifugal pump researched and developed on the basis of ISG technology This series of pumps has excellent performance, high reliability, long life, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and industry leading level.

Second, the use of 
IHG / IHW vertical / horizontal single-stage single-suction chemical pump for the transport of solid particles, corrosive, viscosity similar to water, suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, paper, food Department of oral medicine and other departments, the use temperature is -20 ° C ~ +105 ° C.

Third, working conditions:
1, suction pressure ≤ 1.6MPa, or pump system high working pressure ≤ 1.6MPa, that is, pump suction pressure + pump lift ≤ 1.6MPa, pump static pressure test pressure is 2.5MPa, when ordering Please indicate the system work pressure. When the working pressure of the pump system is greater than 1.6 MPa, it should be separately proposed at the time of ordering, so that the over-flow part and the connecting part of the pump are made of cast steel material during manufacture. 
2. Ambient temperature <40 ° C, relative humidity <95%. 
3. The volume of solid particles in the medium to be transported does not exceed 0.1% of the unit volume, and the particle size is <0.2 mm. 
Note: If the medium is used with small particles, please specify when ordering, so that the manufacturer can wear a wear-resistant mechanical seal.

Fourth, the product features:
smooth operation: the absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and the excellent dynamic and static balance of the impeller to ensure smooth operation, no vibration. 
Drip water does not leak: Carbide seals of different materials ensure that there is no leakage in the transportation of different media. 
Low noise: The pump under the support of two low-noise bearings runs smoothly. Except for the weak sound of the motor, there is basically no noise. 
The failure rate is low: the structure is simple and reasonable, and the key parts adopt the world-class quality; the matching, the trouble-free working time of the whole machine is greatly improved. 
Convenient maintenance: replacement of seals, bearings, easy and convenient. 
More land occupation: the exit can be left, right and up, which is convenient for pipeline installation and space saving.

V. Vertical single-stage single-suction chemical pump model meaning:


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