TSWA horizontal multistage pump

TSWA horizontal multistage pump product introduction:

     TSWA multi-stage pump series horizontal, single-suction multi-stage, segmented structure, is a newly developed energy-saving series of products. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low running noise, good anti-cavitation performance, reasonable structure and long service life. It mainly transports clean water or other liquids that are similar in physicochemical properties to water. 


TSWA horizontal multistage pump features:

     1. The hydraulic model h is reasonable, high efficiency and wide performance range. 
     2. The multi-stage pump has compact structure, reasonable layout and beautiful appearance. 
     3, the same import and export diameter, easy to connect the pipeline. 
     4. The multi-stage pump runs smoothly, with low noise and long service life. 
     5, the seal is reliable, no leakage. 

TSWA horizontal multistage pump technical parameters:

     Flow rate: 18-155m3/h; 
     head: 18-270m; 
     power: 2.2-180kw; 
     speed: 1450r/min; 
     caliber: φ50-φ150; 
     temperature range: 0-+80°C; 
     working pressure: ≤3.0Mpa.

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