LG/LB-B split high-rise building water supply multistage centrifugal pump

LG high-rise building water pump product introduction:


      The LG multi-stage pump is a vertical single-suction multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump for conveying normal temperature water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. 
The LG multi-stage pump is installed vertically. The motor shaft and the pump shaft are connected by a claw type coupling, which has the advantages of compact structure, low noise and small floor space.


LG high-rise building water pump product features:


       1. Advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency and wide performance range. 
       2, less operation, maintenance costs: the use of high-quality mechanical seals, wear-resistant, no leakage, long service life, low failure rate, with less operating and maintenance costs. 
       3, unique components, reduce noise: unique hydraulic components design, good over-current performance, the earth reduces flow noise. 
       4, vertical structure, small footprint.


LG high-rise building feed pump technical parameters:


     Flow rate: 3.0-50m3/h; 
     head: 20-150m; 
     power: 0.75-30kw; 
     rotation speed: 2900r/min; 
     caliber: φ25-φ80; 
     temperature range: 0-+80°C; 
     working pressure: ≤1.2Mpa.

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