YW submersible sewage pump

Working conditions:

Flow range: 7-720m3/h 
Head range: 6-40m 
Supporting power range: 1.1-45KW 
Outlet diameter range: φ40∽φ250mm 
Stirring range: φ1200∽φ3000mm 
Medium temperature: <60°C 
Medium weight: 1∽1.3kg/dm3 
PH Value range: 4∽9 
Note: If you have special media and temperature requirements, please specify when ordering, so that the company can provide more reliable products.

Product Usage:

  1. Severely polluted water discharge from factories and businesses 
  2. Drainage systems in urban sewage treatment plants, hospitals and hotels 
  3. Sewage drainage stations in residential areas 
  4. Drainage stations in civil air defense systems, water supply devices in waterworks 
  5, municipal works, construction sites 
  6 , exploration, mining, power plant supporting machine 
  7, rural biogas tank, farmland irrigation, river pond dredging

Structure description:

  1. Adopting the unique double-flow non-blocking impeller structure to improve the over-current capacity and sewage discharge capacity of the sewage. 
  2. The automatic stirring device of the YWJ start-mixing and sub-priming pump rotates with the pump shaft at high speed, which produces a strong stirring force and will be in the pool. The precipitate is stirred into a suspended solid and then sucked into the impeller to discharge it. 
  3, YWJ automatically stirs the submerged pump with a partition to divide the base into two, so that the mixing and influent do not affect each other. 
  4. The automatic cutting device of QGYW cutting type submerged pump rotates with the pump shaft at high speed. The sharp cutter made of special material at the inlet of the impeller cuts the large particles or fibers sucked into the impeller and sucks it into the impeller, which enhances the Blockage performance. 
  5. The pump unit adopts double mechanical seal and is in the oil chamber for a long time to ensure safe and reliable operation of the pump. 
  6. The hydrodynamic seal of the auxiliary impeller structure not only has the auxiliary sealing function, but also protects the mechanical seal; balances the axial force and prolongs the service life of the bearing. 
  7. The pump unit is vertical structure, compact in structure, convenient to install, and the pump body is placed in water during operation, which is easy to start. It can be equipped with liquid level automatic control cabinet according to user needs, and automatically control the start of pump unit according to the change of required liquid level. And stop, no need to take care of the person, the use is extremely convenient. 
  8. The pump unit has two types of structure: single tube and double tube. They are installed in two ways: circular plate and square plate. They can also be produced according to customer requirements.

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